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Underlying Magic

How Rivendell uses AI based intents to simplify transaction execution:1. User-Led Transaction Description: It all starts with the user. Instead of navigating complex interfaces or understanding intricate contract details, users simply describe the transaction they wish to execute in their own words.

2. Advanced NLP Categorization: Once the transaction is described, Rivendell 's state-of-the-art NLP system jumps into action. It intelligently categorizes the transaction types, ensuring that the user's intent is accurately captured and mapped to the right protocols.

3. Off-Chain Indexing for Precision: With the transaction type identified, our off-chain indexer meticulously fetches the necessary contract details. This includes the ABI (Application Binary Interface) and the deployment address associated with the chosen protocol. This ensures that the transaction aligns perfectly with the intended protocol's requirements.

4. Deriving Execution Functions: The magic continues as the specific function needed to execute the transaction is derived. By analyzing the function parameters, Rivendell Intents computes the required transaction objects, ensuring that every detail aligns with the user's initial intent.

5. Awaiting User Confirmation: In the final step, the computed transaction objects are relayed back to the user's wallet. Here, they await the user's signature. Once confirmed, the transaction is executed, culminating in a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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